Company profile

Laetitia is a brand created in 2013 in the heart of Tuscany, a region renowned for its craftsmanship, for the elegance and care of materials and for the art of tannery and leather goods famous the world over. 

Laetitia is a unique brand which, as its name suggests, wishes to express joy, playfulness and appeal to sparkling spirits who recognize the value of quality.

Laetitia is a young brand developed, from design to finished product, entirely in Italy. 

Each product is made using numerous fine craftsmanship  techniques and scrupulously controlled.

With its creations, Laetitia targets people who love classic elegance and discreet luxury, outstanding quality and attention to detail. 

The "Laetitia woman" travels a lot for business and leisure. She stands out from the crowd and is distinguished by her search for a personal style which is never taken for granted.

The leathers used, carefully treated in the best Tuscan tanneries, the painstaking craftsmanship, the accessories and colours, represent the distinctive traits of a brand which favours the naturalness and softness of the leather and the uniform grain of the raw material, free from scratches and imperfections, to guarantee an authentic product of great value.